A certification with TIMELAB is equivalent to obtaining the guarantee of the State of Geneva.
It represents the highest degree of excellence to enhance any timepiece

A certification with TIMELAB is equivalent to obtaining the guarantee of the State of Geneva


The Geneva Chronometry Observatory offers two types of certifications: the "certified chronometer" designation according to ISO 3159 standard, and OC+, an independent label that is more comprehensive and demanding.

Poinçon de Genève

It has been the emblem of Geneva's watchmaking craftsmanship since 1886, and guarantees an authentic product made by the finest artisans in Geneva. This seal ensures an exceptional timepiece at every level. www.poincondegeneve.com

Other certifications

In addition to standard tests based on international standards (magnetic resistance, water resistance, shock resistance, etc.), TIMELAB develops tailor-made certifications using customized protocols.

TIMELAB distinguishes itself not only through its expertise in implementing highly advanced protocols but also through its way of guiding clients towards achieving excellence.




This distinction is exclusively for watchmakers and High Watchmaking manufactures established in the Geneva region.


The movement components (plates and bridges, regulating system, gears and jewels, shaped parts), as well as the finishing, are meticulously examined to ensure impeccable aesthetics and perfect assembly.


Each watch undergoes several rigorous checks (functions, water resistance, accuracy, and power reserve) that attest to its total reliability.


ISO 3159 et OC+

In addition to ISO 3159, the Geneva Chronometry Observatory offers its own OC+ certification. More comprehensive, it includes the ISO 3159 standard as well as water resistance, magnetic resistance, and power reserve.

Long-term testing

The Geneva Chronometry Observatory offers the measurement of timepiece performance over extended durations.


Tests are conducted either in its ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory or on-site at watch manufactures, depending on their specific needs.


Time in all its measures

With over two centuries of history, the Geneva Chronometry Observatory perpetuates a centuries-old tradition of time measurement.

Established in the late 18th century within the Geneva Astronomical Observatory, it represents a symbol of quality and precision in the world of watchmaking. Building upon the legacy of the Geneva watchmaking school and taking over the responsibilities of the watchmaking laboratory, which served as the official bureau of the COSC from 1973 to 2013, the Geneva Chronometry Observatory continues to be a guardian of Swiss horological excellence.
Having one's watches and clocks certified or tested by the Geneva Chronometry Observatory is to embrace a legacy of excellence and precision, in the purest tradition of Swiss watchmaking.

The certification of a watch guarantees its quality and reliability. Check the authenticity of the certificates issued for your watch via the links below:

Poinçon de Genève