Created under the law I 1.25 from the state of Geneva voted in 2008 and based on the source text issued on 1886 – the Poinçon de Genève starting date, the horological laboratory offers a professional and renowned body. Supported by a legal and independent recognition and confirmed by four international accreditations ISO/CEI, the complete panel of activities of the horological laboratory is duly regulated.


The complete services panel required a confidentiality agreement. Our sworn teams ensure studies lead under a strict confidentiality.

Legislative baseline

The TIMELAB horological laboratory is definitely the only one body able to propose a panel of services enacted by a law.


Fully independent, the horological laboratory of TIMELAB obtained in 2014, the ISO/CEI international accreditations, ISO 17025 (STS 598) and ISO 17025 (SCS 137) supporting its panel of activities. In between quality, reliability, independence, transparency and time advantage, these standards strengthen the horological laboratory of TIMELAB know-how and expertise. Fully committed to a progress approach, the horological laboratory of TIMELAB is applied to handle the compliance to the quality deployment requirements.