The horological laboratory offers metrology services supported by a strict independent control recognition. The measure of features are performed on movement or on complete watch and are compliant to standards (ISO, NIHS, ….) or to specific client requirements.

Standards of testing agreement

ISO 3159 (Chronometer), ISO764 (Magnetism), ISO 22810 (Water resistance), NIHS 96-50 (Salted atmosphere, chlorine agents, tropical atmosphere, UV testing,  thermal shocks, sulphur agents), NIHS 93-20 (Ageing process), ISO 1413 (Mechanical shocks)

Customized standards

Material analysis (SEM, Vickers hardness, ...), Area analysis (Microscope at atomic strength), Roughness measure, Thin coats measure, Support on sensorial metrology, Torque measure (vario torque), Preparation to the international competition of chronometry, ...