TIMELAB is dedicated to combine the two most prestigious horological certifications - the Poinçon de Genève and the « Observatoire Chronométrique +» certification according ISO/CEI 3159 standard and to a Horological laboratory.

Created under the law I 1.25 from the state of Geneva voted in 2008 and based on the source text issued on 1886 – the Poinçon de Genève starting date, TIMELAB offers a professional and renowned body in addition with the recognition of a legal and independent laboratory.

Its on-going activities allows TIMELAB to garantee a horlogical know-how to its partners.

TIMELAB offers expertises, testing, investigations and certifications to cover the needs of the horological and luxury industries.

Established under a Foundation, TIMELAB is led by a board involving the main representatives of the following activity areas : representatives of the state of Geneva on eductation, economic and financial fields, representatives of the horological industry, members of the Union des Fabricants d’horlogerie de Genève, Vaud et Valais (UFGVV).