Geneva’s horological know-how has spread around the world over several centuries. The Poinçon de Genève is the guarantee of an authentic timepiece, manufactured by the greatest craftsmen based in the Republic and Canton of Geneva,  sustained by a worldwide success. Only a few selected watchmakers and “manufactures” based in Geneva have been awarded this certification.

A carefully controlled label

The Poinçon de Genève, the certification label for fine watchmaking, is valuable if the complete guidelines are under control. Dedicated organisationsare in charged of overseeing its implementation: a legislative body, an executive body and a legal body are handling independently these activities.

Official state monitoring : law I 1.25

Introduced on November 6th 1886, by the Council of State, the law about the optional control of watch manufactured withinthe Canton of Geneva set-up at first a Geneva Office to ensure watch Control. This office is accountable for stamping watches, submitted by Geneva-based manufacturers, with the official State “mark” following a rigorous process of quality control. This Office also regularly inspects theproduction within the “manufactures”.


Geneva is the name of both the Canton and its administrative centre. It is Switzerland’s second biggest city in terms of population. Geneva is well known for its famous water fountain, its shopping streets lined with luxury boutiques, and the exceptional know-how of its watchmakers, being the headquarters for such esteemed "manufactures" as Vacheron Constantin, Chopard, Roger Dubuis, Cartier, Rolex and Patek Philippe, among others.


Switzerland represents the highest standards and finest quality products. It is also known for its cultural diversity, excellence in education and training, know-how and amazing landscapes.