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At the next Baselworld fair, the TIMELAB Foundation will present the new chronometric certification, which is open to all mechanical watches made in Switzerland.

In the great tradition of Astronomical Observatories, and with the aim of fulfilling the needs of end customers more effectively, TIMELAB will issue individual Chronometric+ Observatory certificates for the chronometric performance of the finished watch, incorporating a “bulletin de marche” as well as reports on other aspects relating to its reliability: water resistance, magnetic resistance, power reserve and performance on the wrist.

Astronomical observatories in the history of watchmaking

Astronomy was at the origins of watchmaking, and since the 18th century observatories have been setting the standard for the measurement of time among watchmakers seeking to reproduce the movements of the stars and the passing time in their timepieces.

In fact, it was astronomical observatories who drew up the first rigorous criteria allowing timepieces that passed their tests to obtain the famous “bulletin de marche” and to be inscribed with the prestigious words: “certified chronometer”.

In Switzerland, a long tradition of chronometric certification dates back to the creation of the Geneva Observatory in 1772, which held its own chronometric competition from 1872 to 1968.

The Chronometric+ Observatory Certification, a recognised legal and technical guarantee for the end customer

The new Chronometric+ Observatory certification is a guarantee issued by TIMELAB. It certifies that a watch complies with the requirements drawn up by the laboratory and authorises it to bear the prestigious and official title of “chronometer watch” in accordance with the internationally recognised ISO/CEI 3159 standard. The guarantee covers the finished watch and extends to other aspects relating to its reliability such as water resistance, magnetic resistance, power reserve and performance on the wrist, in conditions representative of modern life.

The Chronometric+ Observatory Certification will be based on recognition at a state level (via law I 1 25 passed by the Canton of Geneva) and at a technical level (via the accreditations in process at the SAS, the Swiss Accreditation Service).

Taking into account the accreditations and the certified test protocols, the certification process will be carried out in the watch factories on each individual piece (100% tested), overseen by authorised TIMELAB auditors who will carry out regular inspections.

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